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Introducing CBD Infused Treatments to your Spa or Clinic


Here at CBD Therapy we are keen to talk to you about the benefits of adding a range of CBD treatments to your spa menu. Our products are of the highest quality and perfect for a professional spa environment or indeed for independent therapists. Hit the Contact Us tab in the menu to send a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Here are some things we kept in mind when sourcing our products:

  • Make sure the amount of CBD contained in the product is significant and that it will have the desired results 

  • How pure is the CBD, and how much CBD is included per ounce.

  • You need a high-quality trusted source that is regulated and approved. Your source should also provide you with the information on the parts of the plant that are being used in CBD extraction: the flower, stem, leaf, or all three.  

  • Pay attention to the supporting ingredients in the formula and if that formula is clean or if it contains fillers and other undesirable ingredients.

  • Sourcing is key. Is the company seed-to-customer, or does it receive its hemp from a third-party farm. If so, do you have testing for that? If you don’t know where it comes from, then you can’t guarantee a quality product.

  • In vetting CBD products, look for proof of the extraction process with third-party certification, sustainable packaging, a small carbon footprint, consumer education events with materials and samples provided, and vendor partners that help you stay ahead of the curve with staff training and webinars.

Interested in adding a CBD line to your spa?