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About Us

A new CBD wellness product line has just hit the market and features an exclusive range of CBD products designed to provide powerful and natural pain relief. The aptly titled CBD-THERAPY line offers a completely gluten-free, GMO-free, cruelty-free, and a number of vegan CBD products.

"Hi, my name is Martina Crkonova and I began my journey in wellbeing and healing back in 1997 as a sports physiotherapist; working with professional athletes, including an Olympic team, back in my home country - Slovakia. I am now based in beautiful Cornwall in the UK. 

My passion is for how the human body functions, I have always had an interest in how to fix, or better prevent, injuries and ailments, and this led to me spending years enhancing my knowledge. I am a skilled practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), reflexology, water therapies, EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), nutrition and clinical herbalism. I've spent time learning with Masters of healing in China, Thailand, California and Europe.

My 25 year career in the spa industry has taken me all over the world, helping to set up spa's in California, the Maldives, Europe and Australia. My great interest has always been using herbal medicine to develop techniques to help heal the human mind and body. 

When it comes to CBD there were several wonderful products on the market, but I couldn't find just the right one that gave me everything I wanted to ensure I gave my clients the best possible therapeutic treatments that would carry the ancient healing properties of the hemp plant. When I couldn't find the right kind of CBD products I decided to start my own line and CBD THERAPY was born.

I strongly believe simplicity is the best way forward, and I have created treatments for various spa's which are still included in their treatment menus for many years after my time there due to their popularity."

With CBD-THERAPY we can offer unique and tailored treatments reflecting the concept, demand or indeed the curiosity of the spa and their guests. As CBD becomes ever more popular and it's difficult to know if you are buying the right products in an increasingly saturated marketplace it is important to understand what products are the best and safest to use in your therapy. We will provide the right information for your staff and training if needed.